About Custom Jig Grinding Company

Whatever your application - if you need close tolerance jig grinding or jig boring, Custom Jig Grinding is your high quality manufacturing partner. Custom Jig Grinding is proud of our dependable service, quality and reliability. For over 30 years we've made partnerships with large and small manufacturers across the United States. Our dedication of putting the customer first has earned us a reputation of a world-class jig grinding company! Our reliability of quality is what separates us from the rest. No one in the world does higher quality jig grinding than Custom Jig Grinding. With our experience, we know jig grinding down to the smallest detail.

Our customers include companies in the tool and die industry, the mold making industry, the welding industry and the machining industry. Some of our customers are the largest manufacturers in the world. Some of our customers are one and two person shops. We're set up to handle both types of orders equally well.

Whatever your application we're the dependable, quick turnaround company for close tolerance, and high quality jig grinding.

Company History

Custom Jig Grinding is small-to-medium sized manufacturer to industry; Automotive, Defense, Commercial Aviation, Medical Device Manufacturing, Tool & Die and Mold-making.

Mr. Terry Thompson, Co-Owner & President runs a hands-on operation with direct involvement in every project. Each job that comes through Custom Jig Grinding receives the oversight of his decades of experience.

Established in 1968, Mr. Thompson and Custom Jig Grinding has been the preferred vendor for some of the most influential companies.

Located in the heart of Southern California, minutes from Los Angeles, Long Beach, Burbank and Ontario airports, we are ready to serve you with the quality craftsmanship, fair pricing and on-time delivery.

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